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Student Mail

Mailboxes are available at the University Postal Service for students who reside in University Housing where no mail delivery is available. Students may obtain a mailbox as long as they reside in the traditional dorms of University Housing.

Information concerning mailboxes is given at the time of orientation for new incoming students. You cannot pre-register for your box. It must be done at the beginning of the semester at the time you move into housing or sometime thereafter. You do not have to sign up for a box if you do not wish to receive mail here. A $5.00 fee and a photo ID are required to receive the key for the mailbox that is assigned. Only cash is accepted for payment of this fee. If you have been recently accepted into university housing, you may need to supply proof, i.e. a note from Housing stating so.  

Once checked into a box, students can receive all types of incoming mail, including US letter mail, magazines, parcels, express mail, FedEx and UPS packages. The $5.00 fee is good for the whole time you are in housing, provided you check in with us when you leave the university for an extended period, i.e. if you go home for the summer.


    • Students are required to check out of the box at the conclusion of their stay at the University. Their mail is then forwarded for a maximum of six months from the date of checkout.
    • If you leave housing, but will be returning at a later date, you must close your box to have your mail forwarded. This will reserve your current mailbox until you return.
    • During Christmas and Spring Break mail is held in the box until the student returns.
    • If mail is left in the box for an extended period without being pulled, your mailbox may be closed and the mail returned. You must come in to Postal Services to reactivate it your mailbox.
    • Be sure to hold on to your key. There is a $15.00 replacement fee if it is lost or damaged.
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