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Stamp Orders

Departments may purchase stamps from any United States Postal Service (USPS) facility with a departmental procurement card.  U of L Postal Services highly recommends this time saving method for all departments. However, purchases may only be made with signed procurement cards.

All purchases made using grant monies should first be approved through the Sponsored Programs Service Account

Stamp purchases for amounts under $2500 may be made through U of L Postal Services by using the Request for Stamps Form. Please supply a Department Transfer # as you would on an IUT form. Stamps ordered from forms submitted by 10:00 am may be picked up at 2:00 pm at the Postal Services counter location specified; otherwise the stamps will be delivered on the next scheduled route. Stamp purchases are subject to availability but every effort will be made for this to be a same day service when departments opt to pick up at specified Postal Services location.

Departments may also purchase stamps through U of L Postal Services by filling out a request for disbursement form.  This process could take up to ten business days to process.  The request for disbursement form must be addressed to US Postmaster and sent to Postal Services.  Postal Services verifies the purchase amount and approves the request before sending it to the Controller's Office for further processing.  Upon receipt of the check from the Controller's Office, Postal Services fills the department’s stamp request through the USPS.

You may pay cash for small stamp purchases through our counter services.

If you have any questions regarding stamp orders, please call (502) 852-6699.

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