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Mail Preparation Procedures

  • All mail must be sorted by mail type, have a proper zip code and complete university address, and be marked with the mail classification; otherwise, the postage rate is first class.  
  • Mail types require different preparation procedures.  Improper sorting of mail may result in mail being returned to department or incorrect postage being applied to mail.

  • A meter card must accompany every mailing, including permit mailings. Meter cards should be filled out completely to include the department, telephone number, speedtype, piece count, and authorized signature. 

  • Department personnel should seal metered mail. If you would like Postal Service to seal #10 standard envelopes only when postage is affixed, the flaps on the envelopes must be up. Postal Services first class section does not seal any envelope other than #10 standard letter envelope.  Please seal any envelope other than letter size.

  • Have all mail pieces facing one direction.  Mail that is upside down or backwards may cost departments unnecessary additional postage charges.

  • Be sure that the contents of your mail piece are placed in the envelope correctly (address showing in window, contents placed completely in envelope). Mail may be damaged during the automation process.  If your mail piece is extremely bulky, please seal the envelope or consider using a larger envelope as it may be damaged or destroyed when automated.

  • Separate first class mail from international mail and place a meter card with each bundle. 

  • Please seal all Business reply envelopes and bundle with stamped mail

  • Campus mail should be in a separate bundle as well; this type of mail does not require a meter card. Additional postage is added to these letters if it is placed with your mail to be metered, costing departments unnecessary postage charges.

  • Please notify Postal Services in advance of 500 or more piece mailings.  Postal Services may use an alternate service when a cost effective, but equal service, is available.

Note:  Postal Services is only responsible for the handling of and postage on official university mail.  Departments are responsible for ensuring all mail is addressed and prepared properly and contains an official university return address.

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