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Postage Rates

These are the correct postage rates as of January 27nd, 2013.

(Standard Non-Profit is for 200 plus identical pieces of mail with a permit imprint that offers a reduced rate for pre-sorted, barcoded mailings. Contact the Permit Center for info on Standard mailings.)

Shaped-based rating is pricing based on the shape of the mail-piece. You may have a business sized envelope, a standard manila envelope and an envelop that is more than 3/4” thick, all weighing the same, but they would all have different costs.

Weight Not Over


(Large Envelopes)


















































Letters are a minimum of 3 1/2” tall and 5” long and a maximum of 6 1/8” tall and 11 1/2” long.  Letters may not exceed 1/4” thick. Letters that do not meet the minimum sizes or are not flexible are subject to a 20 cent surcharge. Letters that exceed the maximums sizes are considered flats.

Flats are a minimum of 6 1/8” tall and 11 1/2” long and a maximum of 12” tall and 15” long. Flats may not exceed 3/4” thick. Flats that are over the maximum sizes or are not flexible or are irregularly shaped are considered parcels.

Anything over 13 ounces must be sent Priority Mail unless clearly marked as a reduced rate services (i.e. Parcel Post, Library Mail, Media Mail). Priority mail is delivered in two to three days, although this is not a guaranteed service. The reduced services may take a week to two weeks for delivery. Library and Media Mail must meet certain criteria. Please call Postal Services at 852-6699. UPS Ground Service is also an option.

The starting cost for packages one pound and below for Priority Mail and for Priority Mail in the Flat Rate envelope (regardless of weight) is $5.60. Padded flat rate envelopes are $5.95 and Legal size is $5.90.

A Priority Flat Rate regular box is $12.35

The Priority Flat Rate large box is $16.85. (This box may be used to send items to APO/FPO military addresses for $14.85).

Next Day Express Mail in the Flat Rate envelop is now $19.95. For certain zip codes it may be more cost effective to use a regular envelope instead of the flat rate envelope for items under 3 pounds. Please call Postal Services with any questions.

Because University Postal Services uses digital electronic meters, we receive a Commercial Based Price on our Priority Mail and Express Mail processed for departments. This discounted amounts are less than the amounts posted here and are passed back to the departments.

Domestic post cards are now 33 cents.

Letters weighing an ounce or less and post cards for International mail are $1.10, including Canada and Mexico. Postage rates for international mail is shape based as well using the same standards as above. Non-letter sized mail will cost more.

Postal Services has the Forever Stamp. The cost for the booklet of 20 stamps is $9.20 and once purchased, will be good for a one ounce letter regardless of any future increases.

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