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Mailing Hazardous Materials

Additional handling is required if your package contains fragile, liquid, perishable, or hazardous materials. 


Articles containing hazardous material cannot be shipped via University Postal Services. Hazardous material includes chemical, biological and radioactive items. Common items include:  aerosols, dry ice, paints, batteries, fuel or gasoline, items that previously held fuel, and mercury thermometers.  For assistance in shipping hazardous material, contact DEHS at 502-852-6670 visit their page at


Many household items can’t go in the mail. Hazardous materials come in a wide variety of forms and can be chemical, biological, radioactive, or a combination. The US Postal Service's™ definition of a hazardous material includes many common household and consumer products. They may not be dangerous on your shelf at home, but they can become a hazard when shaken or when the temperature or pressure changes. Common hazardous materials include:



•Nail polish

•Flea collars or flea sprays



•Pool chemicals




•Fuels or gasoline


•Dry ice

•Mercury thermometers

•Cleaning supplies

•Items previously containing fuel




Additionally, University personnel (including students) should be advised not to send alcohol, consumer products, prescription drugs, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, or handguns.  Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, or liquor) are considered hazardous and can’t go in the mail. If you’re reusing a box displaying alcohol brands, all logos and labels need to be covered up. Prescription medications can only be mailed by registered practitioners or dispensers. Similar laws apply to over-the-counter medications



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