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First Class/Domestic Mail Procedures

  • All mail should have a university return address. The USPS recommends that the address be placed in the upper left-hand corner of your mail piece.

  • USPS certified slips are now bar coded.  Please discard any slips that are not bar coded and order a new supply from our web page. Updated return receipts should be ordered as well.  Certified slips should be centered on the top of the front of the envelope, leaving at least 4 inches on the upper right hand corner for postage to be affixed.  Sometimes the department return address may have to be covered. Departments should retain the certified receipt for their records (white slip with recipients address)

The return receipt card cannot serve as the address label; it should be placed on the back of the envelope.


Media Mail has replaced Book RateLibrary Mail is to be used in place of Library Rate.  Media Mail or Library Mail must be stamped or written in the upper right hand corner of your mail piece, about 4 inches from the top.  Please leave enough space for the postage to be affixed.

  • Individual mail pieces with a non-profit or presorted standard indicia cannot be sent first class.  If you plan to send any envelope with either indicia, first class, you must cover the indicia with a white label.  First class postage may then be affixed.  Please do not use a pen or marker to scratch it out.  (200 plus exact mail pieces in zip code order are required for non-profit/presort standard mail service to be used.  Please see Permit Mail section for more information.
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