Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I declare a major or minor in Political Science?

    Who is my advisor?

    • A&S General Education: Eddie Bobbitt, Gardiner Hall, 852-5502, Email
    • Political Science: Dr. Kristopher Grady, 202 Ford Hall, 852-1928,
    • These individuals are designated to help you with advising, but you are encouraged to seek second opinions and other resources.

    When can I meet with Dr. Grady?

    • Visit Dr. Grady during his office hours (posted on his door), or email/call to make an appointment.

    How should I get advised?

    • You should get advising a week or two before you are able to register for classes.  Once you have declared your major, your degree progress notes should be on file in the main office in Ford Hall 205.
    • To the appointment you should bring your weekly schedule, a list of ideal courses and a list of alternate choices.  Write down any questions you want to ask.

    What is the schedule for registering for classes?

    How many hours of POLS are required for each program?

    • BA: min 30, max 40.  For more details of the degree program see the Undergraduate Catalog.
    • BS/Law & Public Policy: min 40 - 42, max 60.  For more details of the degree program see the Undergraduate Catalog.
    • BS/Paralegal Studies: min 30 (+28 in PARA), max 60.  Fore more details of the degree program see the Undergraduate Catalog.

    Which degree program requirements apply to me?

    How can I view my transcript online?

      What happens to transfer students' credits?

      • If you transfer to UofL, you can earn credit hours and fulfill general education requirements, but the grades are not counted toward your UofL GPA.
      • They are, however, part of an "expanded GPA" that considers your transfer GPA and your UofL GPA; for example, some graduate programs may ask for your "expanded GPA" if you were a transfer student.

      How are transfer credits calculated?

      • The Admissions Office administers transfer credits in cooperation with the College and departments.
      • Some transfer credit is automatically accepted such as from KCTCS and KY schools.  There are resources available through the Admission's Office website: (Most require Ulink login).
      • Be sure transfer students fulfill the general education requirement for at least 50 hours at or above the 300-level.

      Can I repeat a course to change a bad grade?

      • You can use 4 repeats to take bad grades out of GPA calculation, but they do not come off your transcript.  The last grade awarded is calculated in the GPA.
      • You must file a form with A&S Advising to activate this option; otherwise both grades are calculated in the GPA.

      Can I take classes pass/fail?

      • If you have 60 hours or more and a 2.00 GPA you may take one elective course per semester P/F.  Forms are available from A&S Advising and must be authorized by the instructor of the class.
      • However, you must earn a grade in general education and major program requirements.

      What if I want to over enroll to take 18 or more hours?

      What are the general education requirements for my degree?

      What classes count for the WR and CD general education requirements?

      How can I earn proficiency credit for a foreign language?

      When and how do I get a preliminary degree check?

      • After you accumulate 85 hours or more, or at least two semesters before you plan to graduate.
      • It is linked through the A&S Advising website, but it does require your Ulink login: Request for Preliminary Degree Check

      When and how do I apply for my degree?

      • You apply for your degree the semester that you plan to graduate.  All candidates for degrees, whether or not participating in Commencement, must apply for degrees according to the deadlines below.
      • The application period for Summer is April 15 - June 5; for Fall is July 15 - September 12; and for Spring is November 15 - January 27.
      • The degree application process is available on the Web through Ulink.  After the online form is submitted, you will receive an online confirmation that it was successful.  You will also receive confirmation by email to your university account.
      • You will not hear anything regarding the status of your degree application until after the semester grades are in and your enrollment unit confers approval.

      What do I need to do in order to walk in the commencement ceremony?

      When and how do I receive my diploma?

      • You can expect to receive a post card from the Registrar's Office 4 - 6 weeks after the semester ends informing you where to pick up your diploma.

      What can I do with a political science degree?

      • Political Science majors tend to go into the fields of law, policy analysis, public service/government employment or academic research.  Many majors have also found success in the fields of business, media/journalism, public relations and teaching.
      • You could talk with an advisor or mentor about career options and also take advantage of the resources and services available at the Career Development Center located in the Houchens Building or online.