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About the Department

The Department of Political Science at the University of Louisville offers a wide range of courses in all sub-fields of the discipline.  The department curriculum is designed to cultivate understanding of politics, group processes, and organizational dynamics in the United States, in nations around the globe, and in the international arena.

Faculty help students become engaged citizens who possess the knowledge to participate successfully in contemporary political life.  In addition to courses offered on campus and online, political science majors have opportunities to complete internships with city, state, and federal government agencies.  Overseas programs have been offered in China, England, France, German, Italy, and Panama. The department also offers students opportunities to participate in Political Science Honors courses, mentoring programs, service learning projects, and a range of faculty-student social activities.

In addition, each year the department brings major speakers to campus and creates opportunities for students to interact with national and international leaders.  The department also administers the Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, the largest award given in the field of Political Science.


Programs Offered

Three undergraduate degree programs are offered within the department. For detailed information about each program click on name of the program you are interested in learning more about.

Click here to view "flight plans," suggested semester by semester schedule to complete your degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Undergraduate Advisor

  • A & S General Education: Becky Ledford, Gardiner Hall, (502) 852-6487
  • A & S  Political Science: Eddie Bobbit, Gardiner Hall, (502) 852-2714, pebobb01@louisville.edu
  • Political Science: Kristopher Grady, Ford Hall 202, (502) 852-1928, kbgrad01@louisville.edu


Remember in order to Graduate

  • You need 50 hours at the 300+ level (Senior College Hours)
  • You need to have 121 total hours to graduate
  • You need at least a 2.00 program GPA (only the work the college accepts) —not University GPA.
  • You need at least a 2.00 GPA inside your major and a 2.00 GPA outside your major
  • You can use four repeats to take bad grades out of calculation (not off your record)
  • Remember: If you transfer, none of your grades count toward your U of L GPA.
  • You can only use 40 hours in your major for a BA
  • You can appeal the following: Grades, Withdrawal Dates