Janet Kelly, PhD

Part-Time Faculty



Janet Kelly is a professor of Urban and Public Affairs, where she teaches in the Master of Public Administration Program. She worked in state and local government in her native South Carolina for ten years. She still maintains that she learned more in one year as a city manager than in the entirety of her graduate education.

The urban university mission has been important to her since her undergraduate days at the College of Charleston. She was the Levin Chair of the Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University prior to joining the faculty at the University of Louisville.

Her current focus is online teaching. Adopting the Understanding by Design framework, she works backward from a set of specific learning outcomes to determine curriculum units, class materials, class activities, and performance assessments. She is a graduate of the Course Design Institute and a Delphi Certified instructor.

Teaching Areas

Public Administration (Political Science)
State and Local Government (Political Science)
Public Financial Management (UPA)
Nonprofit Financial Management (UPA)
Program Evaluation (UPA)