Below are listed several websites to aid you in your search for an internship position.

  • U of L Arts & Sciences Internship site
  • U.S. Department of State. The Department manages several employment programs for students who want first-hand experience in a foreign affairs environment. Some programs are based in Washington D.C., others in overseas embassies. Positions are both paid and unpaid and many are available during spring, summer or fall.
  • The Corporation for National Service. The Corporation maintains various unpaid internships in Washington, D.C.
    This link is for students interested in working in the delivery of human services. It provides a database of over 2000 paid and unpaid internships in more than 500 nonprofit human service organizations. You can use the search engine at the web site to locate organizations by state, city, and service sector.
  • Legislative Research Commission, the nonpartisan service agency for the Kentucky legislature. It provides a large amount of information about state and local politics in Kentucky.
  • National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE). It provides some information for students interested in internships and service learning. Much of the information is not, however, free. Check with Dr. Anne Caldwell or Ms. Jackie Jones to see whatever copies of the NSEE materials we may have.
  • Metro Chamber of Commerce. Please contact Anne Caldwell if you are interested in a local internship with this institution.