Louisville Metro Internship Program

Louisville Metro Internship Program

The Louisville Metro Internship program (LMIP) is an elective 3-credit hours course that encourages student involvement in local government and promotes active participation within the Louisville Metro community.  This experiential learning practicum provides students with an opportunity to explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting (e.g. The Louisville Metro Council at City Hall).  The primary purpose of this “town-gown,” government-university partnership is to provide a hands-on experience designed to advance academic learning, civic learning, and community engagement through reciprocal collaboration for all partners. More importantly, it allows students a unique opportunity to utilize, assess and sharpen their personal qualities/skills, and build professional networks.  Because Louisville Metro Interns are assigned to individual legislative offices, the duties will vary from office to office, but should include research/projects, constituent work, and participation in meetings such as biweekly caucus meetings and council meetings as deemed appropriate.

Assuming a “normal” semester, students should anticipate and expect to:

1)     Attend council meetings on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, generally after 1:00 PM

2)     Attend a few Louisville Metro Council Meetings on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m.

3)     Attend other meetings or events as requested by the council officials or staff

4)     Attend required dialogues or seminars arranged by the Intern Liaison at City Hall.  This internship is designed to give students one-on-one time with elected officials or leaders working in government and the community. 

5)     A small stipend—as budgetary resources allow—is provided to Louisville Metro Interns to help with parking or transportation expenses.

Class Requirements

1)     Students should visit the Department’s Internship page for general internships requirements, tips, and opportunities

2)     Students are expected to spend at least 8 hours per week, Monday to Thursday.  Fridays and weekends may be required for special events or activities.  Time spent onsite should be documented as time in internship.

3)     Students must complete at least 120 hours onsite for the duration of the internship.  This does not include required class assignments to be uploaded in an online E-Portfolio.

4)     The E-Portfolio is an online professional profile each student will create on Blackboard with a professional photograph, short class assignments—organizational paper, reflective essay, internship experience report, professional cover letter, resume, thank you letter and oral presentation—designed to hone professional skills, and other uploaded artifacts.

5)     Students will be required to visit the University Career Center and work with career coaches to polish their cover letter, resume, thank you letter, and take a skills assessment.

LMIP Application Process

1)     STEP ONE: Complete the one-page application and send it with your: 
a) cover letter, b) resume, and c) (unofficial) transcript directly to the Director of the Internship Program. 
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2)     STEP TWO: After materials are received and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted by Dr. Wallace for a screening interview. Students are placed with councilmembers on a “best fit” and “first come, first served basis.”

3)     STEP THREE: Upon acceptance, students will be allowed to register for the course, usually within a week.

4)     STEP FOUR: Students are required to complete Louisville Metro paperwork and a background check to intern in City Hall.  Instructions and materials will be provided during late summer before internship begins.

 Additional questions about the Louisville Metro Internship Program? Please contact Dr. Sherri Wallace, the Director of the Internship Program.