Information Technology and Digital Politics Track

Information Technology and Digital Politics is a specialty within political science that cuts across multiple academic disciplines and sub-disciplines within political science. The common thread is that it focuses on how the use of modern technology including computers, the Internet, social media, digital news, and more shapes political outcomes.

Digital Politics Course Requirements

Track Courses

  • POLS 507 (Digital – American Politics)
  • POLS 507 (Digital – Global Politics)
  • POLS 507 (Digital – Public Policy)
  • POLS 692 (Digital Politics Internship)

MA Core Courses

  • POLS 670 (Research Design)
  • POLS 671 (Methods of Political Research)
  • POLS 629 (Seminar in American)
  • POLS 619 (Seminar in Public Policy)
  • POLS 639 (Seminar in International Relations)
  • POLS 649 (Seminar in Comparative Politics)

Elective Course

  • POLS 600 level elective (you can take one 691 Independent Study)