Graduate Studies

U of L M.A. Program

The MA program in Political Science trains students as analytical social scientists and broadens their understanding of domestic and international politics. With over twenty full-time faculty, the Department offers a wide range of courses and provides opportunities for students work one-on-one with faculty members, developing original research projects or working as co-authors on conference papers or journal article manuscripts.  Our recent graduates have gone on to pursue careers in government and politics, the nonprofit sector, law, and education.  Other graduates have used their enhanced academic credentials to gain admission to top ranked PhD programs.  For more information on our MA program in Political Science, please contact Dr. Melissa Merry, the program’s Director of Graduate Studies, at (502) 852-3301 or POLSGRAD@LOUISVILLE.ED

Areas of Concentration

Beyond the requirements listed below, the Master of Arts degree offered by the Department of Political Science is flexible to allow students to design their own program of study.

The Department of Political Science (and the larger University community) enjoys especially strong faculty and other resources in two fields of study: International Studies and American Public Policy Studies. Students are encouraged to concentrate their coursework in one of these fields.

The International Studies field includes the comparative study of various regions and nations throughout the world. Members of the Department faculty have expertise in the study of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, and the Former Soviet Union. Specific issues of faculty interest include: civil-military relations, women in developing nations, revolution, political economy, foreign policy, and executive leadership. The International Studies field also includes the study of the global relations among nations and other global actors. Areas of faculty expertise include: defense and security, international political economy, the global environment, development, international organizations, and international law.

The field of American Public Policy Studies involves the study of the American governmental institutions (executive, legislative, and judicial) that formulate public policy, and the study of the administration of public policy. Specific areas of faculty expertise include: social policy, housing policy, foreign policy, antipoverty policy, urban policy, environmental policy, feminist approaches to policy, and economic development policy.

Picture of Dr. Farrier's class with John Yarmuth