Careers in Political Science

What will you do with your Bachelor Degree in Political Science?

Career? Or

Graduate School then Career? Or

Career then Graduate School then Career?


We hope this page will give you some insightful information on your options after graduating from one of our political science programs.

The Career Development Center put a PowerPoint presentation together to give Political Science students an idea of what jobs to consider and how to begin searching for the career best for you.


Everyone wants to know... how much will I make?  Visit these sites to view national salaries.

Whether you are looking to get a Masters, JD, or PhD, be sure to explore all your options.  Consider: price, location, rankings, program size, etc., whatever your personal priorities are.  Visit:


Another great source for students of political science is the American Political Science Association (APSA)

  • APSA will give you information on programs; application process; graduate student connections for writing, publishing, conferences, and employment; online job lists; and much more