Faculty Research

"Judicial Restraint and the New War Powers," (Presidential Studies Quarterly) Dr. Jasmine Farrier

"Bringing Order Out of Chaos: Russia's Aspirations to Greatness,"  (Asia Policy) Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Contesting the Responsibility to Protect,"(International Studies Perspectives)Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Critical Perspectives on the Responsibility to Protect: BRICS and Beyond,"  International Relations, authoring the "Introduction" and "Russia on the rebound: using and misusing the Responsibility to Protect."(Guest Editor for a Special Issue) Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Laughing off a Zombie Apocalypse: The Value of Comedic and Satirical Narratives," (International Studies Perspectives) Dr. Rodger A. Payne

"Civil Society and Politics in Central Asia,"(University Press of Kentucky) Editor, and author of three chapters;Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Diversity Matters;Judicial Policy in the US Court of Appeals,"(University of Virginia Press) Dr. Laura Moyer

"Trailblazers and Those That Followed: Personal Experiences, Gender, and Judicial Empathy,"  (Law & Society Review) Dr. Laura Moyer and S. B. Haire

"The State and Direction of Asian Comparative Politics: Who, What, Where, How?"  (Journal of East Asian Studies) Dr. Jason Abbott and Kevin Fahey

"Catholicism's Democratic Dilemma: Varieties of Public Religion in the Philippines,"  (Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints) Dr. David T. Buckley

"The Optional Preference? American Catholic Economic Advocacy and the Culture Wars," (The Forum. Vol. 11. No. 4) Dr. David T. Buckley

"Civic Disobedience: Does Internet Use Stimulate Political Unrest in East Asia?"  (Journal of Information Technology & Politics Vol. 12, Issue #2) Dr. Jason Gainous, Dr. Jason Abbott and K. M. Wagner

"Quota Mechanics in Panama, 1999-2014,"  (Bulletin of Latin American Research) Dr. Trisha Gray

"Zhang Chunqiao and the Politics of the 1975 People’s Republic of China Constitution,"  (East Asia) Dr. Shiping Hua

"Russian–American Relations: From Tsarism to Putin,"  (International Politics) Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Contesting the Responsibility to Protect,"  (International Studies Perspectives) Dr. Charles E. Ziegler

"Critical Urban Theory versus Critical Urban Studies: A Review Debate,"  (International Journal of Urban and Regional Research) Dr. David Imbroscio, Marcuse, P., Parker, S., Davies, J. S. and Magnusson, W.

"Broadcast Versus Interaction: Environmental Groups’ use of Twitter,"  (Journal of Information Technology & Politics) Dr. Melissa K. Merry

"Black Women as Scholars and Social Agents: Standing in the Gap,"  (Negro Educational Review) Dr. Sherri Wallace, Sharon F. Moore and Carla M. Curtis