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Officer Complaints

by Tim White last modified Jul 11, 2011 12:51 PM

It is our firm intent that the University Police serve as a model professional law enforcement agency.  To accomplish this role, it is vital that we maintain the trust of the University community. During the delivery of essential community services, there may be an occasion wherein conflict results . . . sometimes to the point where a complaint is generated against a member of the University Police.

To deal with such matters effectively, we designated internal affairs officers to respond to and investigate complaints.  A complaint lodged against a University Police employee will be dealt with in a professional manner, giving full consideration to the protection of the rights of all parties involved.  Any member of the University community having a complaint related to the conduct of a University Police employee should contact the on-duty supervisor at 502-852-6111 as soon as possible after the incident.  Or, you may choose to use the Officer Complaint Form.  After internal matters have been investigated, findings and recommendations are reported to the Director of Public Safety, who then bears the responsibility for resolving the complaint in a timely manner.  If requested by the complainant, the decision by the Director of Public Safety can be appealed to the Vice President for Business Affairs.

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To report an emergency, dial 852-6111 or 911.

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