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Facility Access

by jlbrat02 last modified Dec 05, 2013 07:53 AM

MANUAL LOCKING AND UNLOCKING of buildings is the responsibility of the University Police after normal business hours. During the normal workday, locking/unlocking is provided by the department responsible for the space and/or the Physical Plant department.

The University Police will not open rooms or facilities without the proper authorization from the person responsible for the facility (i.e. Vice-President, Dean, Chairman, Director, or Department Head). Persons who have no other means of entry, (i.e. students, temporary or part-time employees, etc.), must be listed on an Authorization Entry List Form. That form must be on file at the Department of Public Safety.

We also recommend that you include information on all departmental faculty and staff in order to avoid any problems in the future with forgotten keys or keys accidentally locked in an office. If a person requests access and we do not have the authorizing information on file, that person will either be denied entry or required to contact the appropriate, responsible individual for that area to obtain permission to enter.

Only one Authorization Entry Form needs to be attached to all Authorization Entry List (s) per department, classroom, lab, special group, etc. For example, if access is needed for a classroom or lab, the Authorization Entry Form should be completed including the instructor’s name and the Authorization Entry List(s) should include all students needing after-hours access.

It is imperative that all requested information on both the Entry Form and the List be completed.  Handwritten or copies of class rosters will not be accepted in place of the required Authorization Entry Form or List(s).

ELECTRONIC LOCKING AND UNLOCKING of buildings is the responsibility of the University Police. Many buildings are set up on an electronic schedule to lock and unlock. To obtain electronic access for an employee(s) or student(s), for after-hours access or for buildings that are secured 24/7, the Unit Business Manager, Director, or unit’s Vice President/Dean must send an email to requesting the access. The email must contain the employee/student (needing access) full name, seven digit ID number, specific door(s) numbers, and building name. Requests are usually completed within 24 hours.

VENDOR ACCESS CARDS – If there is a need to grant access to a person(s) that is not part of the university community (such as contractors, vendors, researchers, and/or visitors), the requesting department will be required to send an email to stating who, (company name and person’s name) needs access, reason for access, what specific access doors need to be assigned, and how long the individual will need access. The requesting department is responsible for the distribution of the vendor card(s) to the correct individual needing access. All vendor cards are $10 each and a speedtype should be provided in the email so that an IUT can be done to process the charge. Any individual that uses a university vendor access card must be at least 18 years of age.

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