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Reaching for the Stars: NASA Science for Girl Scouts

Earn your space science badge at the planetarium!

Dual Badging Workshops for Daisies and Brownies

2018 Badge

Space Science Explorer  (Daisies) andSpace Science Adventurer  (Brownies):

Daisies explore and observe the Sun, Moon and stars while looking at the sky and talking about what they see – just like real space scientists! Brownies investigate the complexities of the sky and learn to see things in new ways.

The dual workshops are scheduled 10 AM - Noon on the following dates:

September 22, 2018
Image of badgeOctober 6, 2018
November 10, 2018
January 12, 2019
February 9, 2019
March 23, 2019


The Space Science Explorers (Daisies) must have one adult per four girls to help the Daisies with activities that require fine motor skills.


2018 BadgeSpace Science Investigator  (Juniors): Juniors venture through the Solar System and beyond, seeing that space is even bigger than they may have imagined. Exploring the vast universe in our virtual space ship, going to the edges of the known universe. The workshops are scheduled 10 AM - Noon on the following dates:

September 29, 2018
October 20, 2018
January 19, 2019
April 6, 2019


$17/scout; $5/adult (includes cost of badge for scout)

Workshops can be cancelled due to weather, low enrollment or other issues.

Troops are welcome to contact the planetarium about scheduling additional workshops outside of the ones listed below (502-852-6665) or planet"at" Any additional workshops must have a minimum of 14 scouts and 2 adults.

Registration will be handled through the Kentuckiana Girl Scout Office. Details will be posted on this web page once they are finalized.