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Other comments:

My students were so excited to have the Portable Planetarium come to Blue Lick.  The excitement built up for several days before the event, and students still talk about it 6 months later.  Just a week ago (April)  I had a parent tell me that the Planetarium visit was the best night we have had here at Blue Lick.  She stated that we need this type of stuff for the parents.  They can’t always take children there and this gave the parents the chance to be a part of the learning, too, she said. We were able to connect classroom science learning with what students learned in the Portable Planetarium.  Teachers selected their topics based on that and students were able to make the connections. I tell my principal friends about this wonderful program.  I am so glad that we were one of the first schools to be able to participate!  Thank you for that. Melody Raymond, Principal, Blue Lick Elementary School

The portable planetarium and working with the planetarium educator allowed me to literally put my students in the middle of the information that they are trying to learn.  In the portable planetarium my students were able to travel through space and time to learn my content objectives, it's an amazing field trip, and I didn't need to gather permission slips! Eric Bookstrom, Teacher, Newcomer Academy

I am writing as principal of St. Nicholas Academy, and so I can't respond in specifics for grade-level science.  But, every teacher and student at St. Nicholas said this was one of the very best field trips --either in-school or out-of-school -- that they had ever experienced.  Since we are a K-8 school, I know that you put in a lot of work to find content that was relevant and interesting to such a wide array of grade levels.  In addition, the fact that you came to us instead of having to secure buses was a huge cost-savings for our families. Kathy DeLozier, Principal, St. Nicholas Academy

In 15 minutes they learned more than they would have a whole week of school. It was a great way to have a lot of children to get this experience of earth and space. Catha Hannah, Teacher, Smyrna Traditional Elementary School

The visualzations are excellent and the instructor is top notch. To see it in the way it was presented on the film…I can’t duplicate that in the classroom. Brenda Elam, Teacher, Johnson Traditional Middle School

…I’ve never seen something like that! Khiara, Student, Blue Lick Elementary School