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Philosophy Undergraduate Programs

Philosophy offers a variety of courses covering a wide range of philosophical issues, including:

  • Staples: Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Recent Philosophy; Critical Thinking; Logic; African Philosophy; Asian Philosophy
  • Stalwarts: Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Science
  • Standards: Ethics, Medical, Business, and Environmental Ethics, Theories of the Visual Arts
  • State and Society: Philosophy of Law, Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy & Feminism, Philosophy of Social Science
  • Stories: Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Language
  • Struggles: African American Philosophy, Philosophies of Peace, Philosophy & Feminism
  • And in each of these, Stimulation!

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  • Programs of Study:

Philosophy Major with concentration in Humanities (traditional major)
Philosophy Major with concentration in Social Sciences
Philosophy Major with concentration in Bioethics
Philosophy Minor

Undergraduate Research
Honors in Philosophy

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