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Graduate Program in Philosophy

The U of L Philosophy Department offers a vibrant and diverse philosophical community serving students as well as the broader Louisville region. The Department's courses and programs, within the Division of Humanities, offer high-quality philosophical training and resources for graduate students as well as undergraduates. The Philosophy Department's graduate programs are currently offered under the auspices of the Master of Arts in Humanities. Students may concentrate in Philosophy as part of their Humanities MA. While we are currently reconstituting our departmental MA program and hope to be admitting students soon, as of now it remains the case that all prospective students should apply through the Humanities Division.

Humanities MA students who concentrate in Philosophy are able to do advanced philosophical work in close contact with faculty. This interdisciplinary Master's Degree offers talented students the opportunity to pursue advanced training in philosophy while avoiding excessive specialization too early in their academic career. The Humanities MA with Concentration in Philosophy is ideal for students who intend to teach or to go on to a Ph.D. Program in Philosophy. It also offers excellent preparation for those who plan to go on in Humanities, Theology, Law, Medicine, or Business.

Contact: Dr. Robert Kimball, Department Chairperson

Master's Degree in Humanities with Concentration in Philosophy

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