2006 Program

9:30 am—10:10 am

The Involuntary Acceptance of Smoking”

Paul Persichette

Binghamton University

Commentator: Monet Duke, University of Louisville


10:20 am—11:00 am          

“The Naturalization of Epistemology”

Dunstan McNutt

East Tennessee State University

Commentator: Ian McCaulley, University of Louisville


11:10 am—11:50 am   

“Plantinga and Aquinas on Divine Simplicity”

Adam Glover

Georgetown College

Commentator: Jessica Haywood, University of Louisville


12:00 pm—12:40 pm          

“Ancient Skepticism, Hypocrisy, & Religion”

Bonnie Kay Capen

University of Arizona

Commentator: Francis Kim, University of Louisville


12:50 pm—1:30 pm   

“Social Engagement from a Buddhist Perspective: Oxymoron or Compassionate Development?”

Patrick Lummen

Grand Valley State University

                                Commentator: David Golemboski, University of Louisville



1:40 pm—2:20 pm    

“Moral Consideration Towards Non-Human Animals”

Tiphani Davis

University of Louisville

Commentator: Jacob Goessling, University of Louisville


2:30 pm—3:10 pm          

“Identifying Oppression”

Ray Perry

East Tennessee State University

Commentator: Adam Elmaghraby, University of Louisville


3:20 pm—4:00 pm    

“Third Wave Feminism: Building a Broad Feminist Community”

Jackie Rinehart

University of Kentucky

Commentator: Emily Thulier, University of Louisville


4:15 pm—5:30 pm          Keynote Address

Humanitarian Intervention:

Problems of Collective Responsibility"

Prof. Larry May

Washington University, St. Louis




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