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A&S electives eligible for the Certificate in Diversity Literacy


Note that special topics courses and courses from outside of A&S may be substituted with the approval of the Director.


ANTH 503: Central Africa & the Politics of Developm’t
ANTH: 627: Political Economy and Culture
ANTH 624: Black Cultural Traditions

COMM 630:  Communication and Multiculturalism

ENGL 520: World Englishes
ENGL 549: Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature
ENGL 550: Studies in African-American Literature
ENGL 554: Women’s Personal Narratives
ENGL 570: Language and Social Identity
ENGL 567: Post-Colonial Voices
ENGL 575: Genre Studies in African American Lit
ENGL 577/PAS 577: Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 660: African-American Lit

FREN 506; WGST 571: Francophone Women Writers

GOEG 510/LALS 510:  Urbanism in the Global South
GEOG 529: Geography of Urban Issues

HIST 506: Women in 19th Century
HIST 512: History of Jews in America
HIST 583; WGST 531/631: Women in the 20th Century in Europe and the US
HIST 584; WGST 584: Women in East-Asian History
HIST 588/WGST 530/630: Feminism in Western Civilization
HIST 590: Studies in African History
HIST 592: Civilizations of Modern India
HIST 593: American Images of the Middle East

HUM 513:  Topics in Comparative Religions
HUM 512/612: Topics in Contemporary Religious Thought
HUM 513/613: Topics in Comparative Religions
HUM 514/614: Perspectives on Religious Co-Existence and Culture
HUM 515/615: Topics in Gender and the Humanities

JA 523: Race and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice

LALS 680: Issues in Latin American and Latino Studies

LING 520/ENGL 520: World Englishes

PAS 515/615: Advanced Seminar on Race
PAS 520/620: The Black Family
PAS 528: History of African-American Education
PAS 532: Slavery and Slave Trade
PAS 542/643; WGST 543/643: Black Women Voices
PAS 562/662; WGST 640: Women’s Health in Africa
PAS 619: African-American History Seminar
PAS 620: Black Literature and Culture


PHIL 516/616; PAS 616: African-American Philosophy
PHIL 519/619: Topics in Philosophy of Race & Racism
PHIL 557/657: African Philosophy
PHIL 582/682;WGST 582/682: Gender, Race, and Culture in Health Care

POLS 563; WGST 558: Women in Developing Countries
POLS 656; WGST 556/656: Feminist Theory

PSYCH 566: Race and Gender in Psychological Research

SOC 512/612;WGST 512/612: Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare
SOC 636: Sociology of Human Sexuality
SOC 680: Seminar in Social Stratification
SOC 685: Race and Ethnicity

SPAN 554: Hispanic Culture through Film and Media
SPAN 644: Origins and Development of Hispanic Culture
SPAN 648: Contemporary Issues in the Hispanic World

TA 532: Advanced Directing the Black Experience
TA 547: Advanced Black Aesthetic on Stage
TA 562: Advanced Black Dramatic Literature
TA 563: Advanced African-American Women in Theater
TA 566: Advanced History of African-American Theater
TA 656: Advanced Theater of the African World
TA 664: Approaching African-American Theater

WGST 512/612; SOC 512/612: Gender, Race, Work, & Welfare
WGST 513/PAS 513: US Social Justice Movements
WGST 545/645;PAS 645: Southern Women, Black and White
WGST 547: Language, Race, Class, Gender
WGST 513: US Social Justice Movements
WGST 520/620: Women’s Personal Narratives
WGST 522/622: The Body in Popular Media
WGST 523: Gender & Popular Music
WGST 532/632: History of American Sexualities
WGST 533/633: Women in 19th-Century America
WGST 535; HSS 564: Women’s Health Issues
WGST 538; SPAD 529: American Women in Sports
WGST 545/645; PAS 645: Southern Women, Black and White
WGST 547: Language, Race, Class, Gender
WGST 615/SOC 642: Seminar in the Sociology of Disabilities





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