Required Courses

Required courses for the Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation Undergraduate Certificate

Required course descriptions

Total of 12 hours.

Required Courses:

  1. Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation (3 units, PEAC-325).

    No prerequisite.

    Introduces fundamental issues within the broad realm of Peace Studies and deepens student skills in critical thinking, conflict analysis, and problem solving. Core issues: conflict analysis, non-violent action, violence prevention, warism, peace building, and gender and peace.

  2. Mediation (3 credit, proposed PEAC-350).

    Prerequisite, PEAC-350.

    Basic skills include understanding the place and role of mediation as a conflict resolution tool; applying techniques for constructive negotiation; understanding sources of conflict and recognizing conflict management styles; gaining practical experience in conflict resolution techniques and skill building; understanding stages of mediation; acquiring listening and communication skills; understanding directive, facilitative, and transformative styles of mediation. After taking these required courses that provide a basis of core knowledge, students may enroll in the final required course.

  3. Capstone: Service Learning in Peacebuilding (3 credits, PEAC-550).

    Prerequisites PEAC-320 and 350.

    All students will gain experience in peace building by working within an approved organization whose focus is some aspect of peace, justice, or conflict transformation. The objective is for students to learn first hand how principles and theories studied in previous classes are applied in the field. Dynamics underlying local conflicts are similar to those found around the world. The course will require students to utilize critical thinking, integrate learning from past educational experiences and courses, and bring all of these to bear on a complex issue at hand.


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