For Men

Male Survivors of Rape
Provides resources to male survivors of sexual trauma and all their partners in recovery.

Menswork: eliminating violence against women

Local organization whose mission is to "develop and support male leadership to prevent all forms of sexual and domestic violence."

Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence"

Men Stopping Violence
National training institute that provides organizations, communities, and individuals with the knowledge and tools required to mobilize men to prevent violence against women and girls.

White Ribbon Campaign
Movement of men and boys "working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

Men Can Stop Rape
National organization based in Washington, D.C. whose mission is "to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women."

Men’s Bibliography
Searchable bibliography of writing on men, masculinities, gender, and sexualities (19th edition)