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Traffic Regulations

The traffic laws as provided by Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) shall apply on University property.

  1. Unless otherwise indicated, the maximum speed for motor vehicles on University property is 15 miles per hour and in parking lots and garages is 5 miles per hour..
  2. No person shall operate a motor vehicle at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.
  3. Driving on grass or sidewalks is prohibited at all times.
  4. Exceeding the speed limit or otherwise operating a motor vehicle in a reckless manner is grounds for revocation of parking and driving privileges on University property.
  5. Motor vehicle accidents occurring on university property should be reported to the University Police at 852-6111. Accident reports are available upon request for insurance purposes.
  6. Motorcycles and motorbikes, including mopeds, will be operated only on motor vehicle thoroughfares.