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Parking Regulations

  1. Any student, faculty or staff member, or other person with University business who wishes to regularly park a motor vehicle on property owned or controlled by the University must purchase a University of Louisville parking permit. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of a regulation.
  2. The type of permit determines parking privileges. Areas for parking are indicated online at under campus maps and in the parking areas by signs. In all cases of conflict, signs and markings should be presumed to be correct and will take precedence over any conflicting parking map designation. All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered "No Parking" zones. Designated parking is available on Belknap Campus for HSC employees and Blue permits and on the HSC Campus for Belknap employees with Red and Blue permits.
  • Red permits allow parking in the assigned red space before 5pm and in Blue, Green and Purple areas after 4:15pm. Parking may occur in Blue, Green and Purple prior to 4:15pm as long as it is not in close proximity to the designated reserved space.
  • Blue permits allow parking in Blue, Green and Purple designated areas. Parking may also occur in Red after 5:00pm with a blue permit.
  • Resident parking permits (Yellow, Orange and Brown) allow parking in resident areas designated by permit color. Resident permit holders are never permitted to park in a color zone not designated on their permit. All Resident permits allow parking in Purple and Green parking except in the Floyd Street Garage and Chevron Lot by Kurz Hall. After 4:15pm daily, Resident permits may park in Blue and Green including the Floyd Street Garage, and after 5:00pm daily in non-24 hour Red.
  • Green permits allow parking in Green and Purple areas anytime, in Blue after 4:15 p.m. and in non-24 hour Red after 5:00 p.m. daily.
  • Purple permits allow parking at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. After 4:15 p.m. daily, Purple permits may park in Blue and Green and after 5:00pm in non-24 hour Red. When classes are not in session and the #94 shuttle does not operate, Purple permits allow parking in Green areas before 4:15 p.m.
  • Chestnut Garage, 620 HSC Garage and Jewish Hospital Garage permits require parking in their respective garage before 5:00pm and allow parking in Blue, Green and Purple areas when visiting Belknap campus.
  • Belknap Campus red and blue permit holders may park at the HSC in spaces designated for Belknap Campus permit holders located on Madison Street adjacent to the 620 HSC Garage, behind the Chestnut Street Garage accessed from Jackson or Preston Streets and at the Med Center One parking lot on Hancock Street and Broadway. Students that are enrolled in more credit hours on the Health Sciences Campus than Belknap Campus must possess a Health Sciences Campus permit. Students completing a co-op on the Health Sciences Campus must have a Health Sciences Campus permit.
  • HSC permit holders may park at Belknap Campus in spaces designated for HSC permit holders only located on 1st Street adjacent to the School of Music and behind the Speed Engineering School in the Blue designation adjacent to the Intramural Field.
  • Evening Parking
    A vehicle displaying a Green, Resident or Purple permit may park in Blue or Green areas after 4:15 p.m. and in non-24 hour Red areas after 5:00 p.m.
  • University parking rules and regulations are in effect all year (including periods when classes are not in session, i.e. Christmas and Spring breaks).
  • It is not possible to mark with signs or paint all areas where parking is prohibited. However, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced. It is prohibited to park:
    • without displaying a valid permit. One citation may be excused per academic year for valid permit holders who fail to display a permit when legally parked in an area designated for his/her assigned permit;
    • in reserved spaces without a proper permit;
    • in "No Parking" areas;
    • in a handicapped space 24/7 without a proper university permit; state handicapped permits are permissible in University handicap spaces between 7:30pm-7:30am;
    • blocking handicap access;
    • blocking fire lanes, fire exits or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant;
    • blocking doorways or dumpsters;
    • longer than 20 minutes in loading zones unless permit states otherwise, flashers must be on in loading zones;
    • over two spaces;
    • in service entrances, construction sites, or spaces reserved for service vehicles;
    • on the lawn, sidewalk, crosswalk, parking lot driveways, or straddling painted lines or bumper blocks;
    • when exceeding time in time limited areas or meters, or at malfunctioning meters;
    • in areas where permit is not valid;
    • over or adjacent to yellow lines or curves;
    • against the flow of traffic.
  • Vehicles must be parked in a designated space. The fact that one vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space is not an acceptable excuse for another operator to do the same.
  • Vehicles are not allowed in areas or spaces closed by barricades or other traffic control devices.
  • Motorcycles and motor scooters shall not be parked in a building. All motorcycles must be parked in a designated space or area designated for motorcycle parking. The same rules pertain to motorcycles as to cars, but more than one motorcycle/scooter may be parked in one regular parking space. A motorcycle or licensed moped/scooter must have a valid University of Louisville parking permit to be parked on university property. Non licensed scooter/moped must be parked at a bicycle rack.
  • Bicycles must be parked legally at a bicycle rack. Bikes shall not be parked where they block handicap access, exits, fire lanes, or otherwise jeopardize public safety. Bicycles may be registered at ( at no charge. Abandoned bicycles are subject to impoundment even if they are parked in a legitimate space. Proof of ownership must be provided to release an impounded bicycle. The fee to release an impounded bicycle is $25.
  • Vehicle maintenance may not be performed on University property, other than emergency repairs. The Parking Office must be notified of repairs.
  • Multi and single space parking meters are located in certain areas and are available to visitors, students, and University faculty and staff. Meters are enforced 24 hours, 7 days per week unless otherwise indicated at the location of the meter. Parking at malfunctioning meters is prohibited.
  • Pay Parking lots are located in certain areas and are available to visitors, students, faculty and staff. The Floyd Street Parking Garage requires a valid University of Louisville permit or payment of $4.00 after 4:00 pm and on weekends. There is a $5 fee for special event parking.