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Permit Questions

What time can I park without a permit?

Free parking is available after 7:30p.m. daily and on weekends. Exception to the rule are the handicapped and Yellow and Orange resident parking lots, which are enforced 24/7.

I wasn't able to get the parking permit that I wanted. A) A friend does not need theirs any longer and I would like to buy it. Can I buy it and use it as my own? Or B) I found a permit on the ground. Can I keep it and use it?

No. The only person who may use a permit is the person to whom the permit was issued. All permits are non-transferable. If you are caught using a permit other than your own, you could receive a costly citation and have your car impounded, not to mention losing your parking privileges. The best thing to do is return the permit to Parking Services.

Why can't I buy a permit per semester?

Permits are sold on an academic year basis. If you leave the University before January 31st and return the permit, you can get a prorated refund.

I lost my permit. Now what do I do?

Visit the Parking Services office between 7:30a.m. and 5:00p.m. You will need to fill out a report declaring the permit lost and then you may purchase a replacement permit for $20.

Oops. I found the permit that I reported as lost. Can I still use it?

Absolutely not. Once a permit is reported lost, Parking Services marks the permit invalid. Any vehicle displaying a lost permit will be fined and impounded. Please return it to the parking office.

Can I park in the Floyd St. Parking Garage with a Green permit?

Yes, you can gain entrance to the garage at the traffic light between Warnock and Brandeis Streets. Enter on Floyd Street by swiping your permit through the card reader.

Can I trade down to a Green permit if I move off campus next semester? Can I trade up to a Yellow permit if I move onto campus?

Yes, you may. You will either pay the difference for upgrading your permit or be refunded the difference when you move down to a lower-priced permit.

Can I put my permit in another car?

Yes, permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle.