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Frequently Asked Questions


I park my car at Papa John's Stadium. I was told that I can't park in "Purple" or "Purple Plus" lots during weekday football games. Where and when do I need to move my car? What happens if I leave my car at the stadium?

Students and employees who park at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium must move their vehicle before 7:30am on the days of home football games. Failure to move any vehicle from the Stadium parking lots could result in a citation and/or impoundment at the owner’s expense.

Parking for students and employees will be made available at KFEC (Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center) lot "N". Access to KFEC will be granted at no charge as long as the University member has their valid parking permit with them.

I need to park for a minute to run into a campus building. I was told by [my friend, my RA or hall director, some stranger on the street] that I could leave my hazard lights on to avoid a parking ticket. Is that true?

No. Parking Services does not condone this activity as short-term legal parking. If your vehicle is illegally parked, no matter the duration, you may receive a parking citation. This applies to all spaces on campus: regular spaces, disabled spaces, services areas, etc. In addition to visitor pay parking in the Floyd Street Garage, parking meters are available throughout campus and on city streets to accommodate short-term parking.

I have a state-issued handicap permit. Can I use it to park on campus? If not, how can I get a permit to park in the disabled spaces at UofL?

Any state-issued handicap permit may park only in visitor areas. You will need to apply for a UofL Handicap parking permit. All applications will be forwarded to your doctor for approval. UofL Handicap permits are valid only on UofL's campuses.

How do the visitor passes work and how many can I get?

You get five free per semester, after that you will be charged a daily rate of $3.00.

At what times can I cross park with a green or purple permit?

After 4:15 pm in the "Blue" permit parking lots for Green, Purple Plus & Purple permits and after 5:00 pm in the "Red" reserved permit parking lots for Purple and Green, except "Red" Spaces that are enforced 24 hours a day.

Where are the paylots located?
North side of the Floyd St. Garage off Floyd St. on Belknap Campus-requires payment 24/7. Permitted area of Floyd Street Garage, M-F 4:00pm-7:30am and weekends , $3 flat fee.

South of the Dental School off Preston St. on the Health Sciences Center Campus.  Hourly rate: Sunday 7pm-Saturday 6am.

Where are the parking offices located? What are the hours?

On Belknap Campus:
Floyd St. Parking Garage 2126 S Floyd St Suite 100
7:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

On Health Sciences Center Campus:
Chestnut St. Parking Garage
414 East Chestnut St.
8-4 pm Monday-Friday
Closed 1:00-2:00 pm for lunch




How much are permits and when will they expire?

View permit fees and expiration dates

What color permit do I need to get?

  • If you are commuting to campus, you are limited to the "Green" permit which allows parking in the perimeter parking lots if you have over 90 academic credit hours, and Purple permits, which is for parking at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Purple Plus permits are also available. Purple Plus permits allow parking at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium as well as (2) premier lots south of the railroad tracks on Floyd Street.
  • If you are a resident on campus, you may purchase a "Yellow" permit which allows parking in the dormitory or commuter parking lots.

What time can I park without a permit?
After 7:30 p.m. daily and on weekends.  Exception to the rule are the handicapped and "yellow" dormitory parking lots, which are enforced 24/7.

I wasn't able to get the parking permit that I wanted. A) A friend does not need theirs any longer and I would like to buy it. Can I buy it and use it as my own? Or B) I found a permit on the ground. Can I keep it and use it?

No. The only person who may use a permit is the person to whom the permit was issued. All permits are non-transferable. If you are caught using a permit other than your own, you could receive a costly citation and have your car impounded, not to mention losing your parking privileges. The best thing to do is return the permit to Parking Services.

Why can't I buy a permit per semester?
Permits are sold on an academic year basis. If you leave the University before January 31st and return the permit, you can get a prorated refund.


I lost my permit. Now what do I do?

Visit the Parking Services office between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You will need to fill out a report declaring the permit lost and pay a $20.00 replacement fee.

Oops. I found the permit that I reported as lost. Can I still use it?

Absolutely not. Once a permit is reported lost, Parking Services marks the permit invalid. Any vehicle displaying a lost permit will be fined and impounded.

Can you park in the Floyd St. Parking Garage with a Green permit?

Yes, you can gain entrance to the garage at the traffic light between Warnock and Brandeis Streets. Enter on Floyd Street by swiping your permit through the card reader.

Can I trade down to a Green permit if I move off campus next semester?
Can I trade up to a Yellow permit if I move onto campus?
Yes, you may. You will either pay the difference for upgrading your permit or be refunded the difference when you move down to a lower-priced permit.

Can I put my permit in another car?

Yes, permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle.




Where can I pay for my citations?

Parking citations with remittance may be mailed with the envelope provided or paid at either of the Parking Offices on Belknap and Health Sciences Center Campuses. You can also pay online via the Citation Payments web form.

Why do I get a ticket when I own a permit but forgot to hang it?  You all should know I have one, it is in the computer.

According to the Parking Rules & Regulations, anyone parking on university property, that is not parked at parking meters or are in hourly pay parking lots, must display a valid University of Louisville Permit. It is the owner's responsibility to properly display the permit. Permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The Parking Office will excuse one citation for this violation within one academic year if you owned a valid permit at the time of the citation.

How do I file an appeal of a citation?

The Parking Citation Appeal form is available in both Parking Offices as well as online and must be submitted within 7 days of the citation.




I have to park at the stadium. I've heard that buses run from the stadium to campus. How often do they run, and how much does it cost?

Transportation Services operates several different shuttles on campus. The Cardinal Shuttle runs from the Stadium to Belknap campus Monday through Thursday from 7:05 a.m. until 9:30 p.m and Friday from 7:05 a.m. until 7:57 p.m. Buses should be 6-9 minutes apart and run continuous cycles.

All campus shuttles are free to ride.




What are the benefits of registering my bicycle?

Bicycle registration has a number of benefits to cyclists:

  • Acts as a visible theft deterrent; similar programs on other campuses have decreased bicycle thefts.
  • Can potentially reduce costs to cyclists. If your bike is registered and it is illegally parked or appears to be abandoned, Parking & Transportation can contact you directly in certain situations using the information provided during registration, rather than impounding your bicycle and cutting the lock. Proof of registration can also be helpful if you want to file an insurance claim on your stolen bike.
  • Aids in theft recovery. Parking & Transportation can flag your bike as stolen, provide you with your serial number and look for your bike – all provided it is registered with our department.

Who should register their bicycles?

All members of the campus community who plan to park their bicycle on campus are encouraged to register their bicycle, which is provided free of charge

 If you should have questions that aren't addressed here feel free call 502-852-PARK or e-mail the Parking Office.

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