Brain Awareness Week

Part of the international BAW effort sponsored by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives


Traditionally scheduled during university Spring Break week, SFN chapters globally participate in public outreach activities to educate various groups about neuroscience. The last BAW was on March 11, 2014, which included 40 students from duPont Manual High School and guest speaker Kate Mills, a former Manual student currently in the PhD neuroscience program at University College London. Click here to see the international site (external link).

Brain Awareness Week activities of the Louisville Chapter of the SFN

We have put on BAW events at the University of Louisville for local high school students and their teachers since 2010. Activities include hands-on workshops with computerized neuroanatomy, comparative neuroanatomy, and histology.
BAW volunteer Dharti Patel inspects the plasticized human brain display while Dr. Jeff Petruska answers questions for students exploring the human neuroanatomy software program developed at the University of Louisville by Drs. John Pani and Julia Chariker.
BAW volunteer Jeff Marschall helps participants find neurons on their microscope slides.
Dr. Cynthia Corbitt demonstrating brain anatomical position in the comparative neuroanatomy workshop.