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FSHR thanks UofL Board of Trustees

The U of L Faculty and Staff for Human Rights wishes to express its profound appreciation to and support for the U of L Board of Trustees' July, 2006 decision authorizing President Ramsey and the University administration to extend health benefits to domestic partners:

This decision:

  • Supports the efforts of the University’s administration, and the wishes of the Faculty and Staff Senates, two Presidential Advisory Commissions, the Human Resources Advisory Committee, the Student Government Association, and the campus community to make the University of Louisville the most vibrant, diverse, and welcoming working environment for the Louisville metropolitan community and the Commonwealth of Kentucky;
  • Assures that the University is in compliance with its non-discrimination policies;
  • Puts U of L in synch with the University’s benchmarks and top public research universities in the country (92% of top 25) as well as the majority of Fortune 500 companies and Louisville’s largest employers;
  • Indicates the Administration’s and the Board’s vision and courage in recognizing and correcting inequities in compensation;
  • Enables the University’s to continue to recruit and retain the most talented faculty and staff.


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