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Faculty and Staff for Human Rights, UofL


U of L Faculty & Staff for Human Rights (FSHR) is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer-identified (LGBTQ) employees and allies dedicated to promoting policies and a campus climate that ensure equality for all.



Faculty and Staff for Human Rights is working for LGBTQ employees. Recent activities include:

  • Leading the effort to extend benefits to partners of employees
  • Working successfully to add gender identity and expression to the nondiscrimination policy
  • Advocating for an Office for LGBT Services
  • Representing the university president in accepting an award from the Kentucky Fairness Alliance for courage in promoting benefits 


FSHR communicates via email on a listserv open to UofL faculty, staff and students; and holds meetings periodically during fall and spring semester.

To join the listserv, Email Dr. Nancy Theriot.

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