Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12)

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Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12) at the University of Louisville Online

Maintain your marketability and add valuable 21st Century skills to your teaching repertoire by earning an Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12) at the University of Louisville. Our program is designed for Kentucky teachers, who want to develop and enhance their technological skill base and critically evaluate the need, validity and viability of instructional technologies appropriate for use in the P-12 classrooms.

Teachers often seek out this teaching endorsement program because it allows them to become experts in the development of their 21st Century Classroom. Instructional Technology – as a discipline – has grown significantly, from training focused on a very small segment of technology teachers, a specific skills set and specific software, to a much broader focus on classroom teachers looking to enhance their technology-infused instruction and outreach to their students across various subjects.

The Instructional Technology program is linked to national standards (ISTE). The program is solidly based upon the theory of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) that attempts to identify the nature of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their classroom, while addressing the complex, multifaceted and situated nature of teacher knowledge. The TPACK framework extends Shulman’s idea of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. Our curriculum is solidly linked to the UofL’s College of Education & Human Development framework of Inquiry, Action, and Advocacy and Kentucky Teacher Standards that apply to all P-12 teachers.

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Teachers give their best to their students and UofL is giving their best to teachers!

Starting in Summer 2019, the College of Education and Human Development will offer a 25% Tuition Reduction for Teachers enrolling in approved teacher education programs–on campus and online.

Learning Approach

The online courses are available in either synchronous (predetermined times of day) or asynchronous (anytime, anywhere) sessions. Online students also retain the flexibility of attending courses on-campus. The two course delivery options are designed to accommodate our students’ various learning styles and work/teaching schedules, so they can continue working while earning their endorsement.

Inquiry-centric: This endorsement prepares students to be better teachers by providing an opportunity to explore, develop, and experience technologies that make learning more accessible and engaging in the classroom at all levels and for all ages.

Research-based: This endorsement addresses technology from the perspective of bolstering and understanding how learning theories like constructivism, multiple intelligences, inquiry-based learning and project-based learning are enhanced through the use(s) of technology. Here at UofL, beginning teachers and advanced practitioners are learning how technology can capture and enhance their instructional content. As they develop a superior understanding of successful instructional design, the implementation of various learning theories and web-based tools for delivery, the enhanced learning will be accessible and available to students anytime or anywhere they have Internet access. Beginning and advanced practitioners are also developing the understandings of the ethical challenges of living in a digital culture and how to educate their students about these challenges.


This endorsement is ideal for current teachers or those who have completed student teaching and are seeking a full-time teaching job. All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and a valid initial teacher certification to be eligible for the Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12).

The Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12) at UofL requires 12 credit hours for completion and it is offered 100% online. The Endorsement may be completed as part of the following programs:

In order to add the P-12 Instructional Technology Endorsement to your teaching license, you must have a 2.75 GPA , acceptance into the Graduate School of Studies, a letter of interest, and an interview with the Director of the Instructional Technology Department.

Career Opportunities

Teachers who are interested in expanding the reach of their knowledge and taking on different roles within their institution or district, will gain superior marketability in the field with the Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12).

Some of the career benefits and opportunities that arise from completing the online Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12) include:

  • Leadership roles and assignments
  • Career change or transitioning to teaching with technology
  • Advancement in current teaching field
  • Increased pay within current school district
  • Meeting current or future licensing, credential or certification requirements
  • Professional development, interest or enrichment

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