Master of Science in Sport Administration

  1. Is the program accredited?

    The MS program is fully accredited through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). Our program was the first in the country accredited at all three levels (undergraduate, master’s and doctoral).

  2. How many students are admitted to the program each year?

    Admission is quite competitive. We receive between 80 and 120 applications each year. We enroll 20-35 new students who are the most qualified each year.

  3. How are applications evaluated?

    The minimum guidelines for unconditional admission are an undergraduate GPA of 2.50 and a GRE score of 293. However, we review the entire application holistically and strongly consider the applicant's goals, recommendations, and related work experiences in addition to academic credentials.

  4. Do I need any specific undergraduate major to be admitted? Are there any prerequisites?

    We admit applicants from all undergraduate majors, with a few having undergraduate degrees in sport administration or sport management. You are not required to take any prerequisite courses before beginning the program.

  5. How long is the program?

    Most students can complete the program in 1.5 to 2 years. The length of the program typically depends on three factors:

    • Academic pace – the number of classes taken. For an accelerated pace, you can take up to 12 hours per semester.
    • Work schedule – whether you volunteer or work in the industry during the program.
    • Internship choice – whether you complete the required internship while taking classes, during the summer, or at the end of the program.
  6. What classes are required?

    The completion of the program requires 36 credit hours (including 3 hours of internship) where 27 credit hours represent core courses (these 9 courses are required for all students).

    The remaining 9 credit hours represent the elective courses. We offer multiple electives each semester across a number of interest areas. In addition, classes in other departments may be taken as electives if approved by your academic advisor. This flexibility allows you to customize the program to meet your needs.

  7. When are the classes scheduled?

    All required courses are delivered online and offered during either fall or spring semesters. Additional courses may be offered during summer sessions.

  8. Can I transfer credits?

    Yes. You can transfer up to 6 graduate credits from another regionally accredited university.

  9. Is there an exit requirement for the program?

    Students must complete one of the following: written examination, research project, or thesis.

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