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Master of Science in Sport Administration

The online Master of Science in Sport Administration is a 36 credit hour program that requires 27 credit hours in core courses and 9 credit hours in electives approved by an advisor.

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Course Title


Sport Administration Core Courses – 27 hours
SPAD 604 Financial Principles of Sport 3
SPAD 625 Sport Management and Leadership 3
SPAD 635 Research in Sport Administration 3
SPAD 637 Sport Analytics 3
SPAD 645 Sport Communication Theory and Practice 3
SPAD 683 Sport Marketing 3
SPAD 684 Sport Policy 3
SPAD 689 Legal Aspects in the Sport Industry 3
SPAD 692 Internship in Sport Administration 3
Sport Administration Electives – Select 3 courses approved by advisor – 9 hours
Minimum Total Credits Required 36

Course Descriptions

SPAD 604 | Financial Principles

Examines basic financial and managerial accounting concepts necessary to be financially literate in the business of sport. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding annual reports, using financial analysis ratios, and examining methods for increasing revenue and controlling costs in the sport industry.

SPAD 625 | Management and Leadership

Provides an overview of the nature and scope of the sport industry. This course will expand the students’ understanding of management theories and their application to sport administration.

SPAD 635 | Research in Sport Admin

Enables students to understand and develop a comprehensive overview of the practical and theoretical skills needed to plan and conduct health and sport sciences research.

SPAD 637 | Sport Analytics

Emphasizes the use of data driven decision-making in sports through the use of data and quantitative methods to measure performance and make decisions to gain advantage in the competitive sports arena.

SPAD 683 | Sport Marketing

Introduces students to the unique nature of sport marketing as it relates in various business industries. This course is also designed to introduce students to all aspects of planning, organizing, marketing, evaluating and conducting special and sport events.

SPAD 684 | Sport Policy

Trends and issues of importance to the practitioner in sport administration.

SPAD 689 | Legal Aspects of Sport

Examines legal issues including negligence, constitutional law, employment law, intellectual property law and contract law as it applies to the sport industry.

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