Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development

Full-time Faculty

Meera Alagaraja, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Doctoral Program Coordinator

Matt Bergman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Corporate and External Partnerships Program Director

Roger Buskill, Instructor

Denise Cumberland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ann Herd, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Kevin Rose, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Scholar-Practitioner in Residence

Terri Rowland, Ed.D., Assistant Professor and Organizational Leadership and Learning Program Director

Brad Shuck, Ed.D., Associate Professor and MSHROD Program Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Cathy Avdevich
Teaching Areas: Training Delivery, Learning Design

Michelle Bartlett, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Project Management, Human Resource Foundations

Jennifer Carver
Teaching Area: Human Resource Management

Steve Dwinnells, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Workplace Ethics

Robert Fritz
Teaching Areas: Change Management, Leading Change, Organization Development and Leadership Development

Meredith Fuson, PHR
Teaching Area: Talent Acquisition and Management

Jennifer Goode, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Instructional Design, Technical Communication, Program Evaluation, and Project Management and Implementation

Kathleen Gosser, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Coaching, Program Evaluation, Performance Management and Rewards, Organizational Development and Change, Leadership

Deb Hatfield
Teaching Areas: Instructional Analysis, Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation

Bill Hensley, Ph.D.
Teaching Area: Coaching and Talent Management

Angela Jorgensen
Teaching Area: Performance Interventions

Ray Klein
Teaching Areas: Organizational Change, Adult Learning and Diversity

Elizabeth Krauss
Teaching Areas: B.S. Program Orientation, Leadership

Gary Liebert, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Project Management, Organizational Development and Capacity Building

Hardy MacKenzie, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Instructional Design, eLearning, Organizational Change

Rodney Merkley, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: Training Delivery and Facilitation, Measurement and Evaluation, Adult and Organizational Learning

Sandra J. Miller, Ph.D.
Teaching Area: Strategic Human Resource Management

Erin Mires, Ph.D.
Teaching Area: Human Resources, Performance Systems and Rewards

Jennifer Platt, Ph.D.
Teaching Areas: eLearning development, Facilitation Methods, Adult Learning Theory, and Program Evaluation

Donna Schenck, SPHR
Teaching Area: Performance Interventions

Rick Underwood, D.D.
Teaching Areas: Organizational Change, Organizational Analysis, Leadership

John Wieland, Ph.D
Organizational Analysis, Organizational Change

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