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Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science online degree at the University of Louisville Online

The following online courses are required for graduation:

CECS MS Program requires minimum 15 credit hours of 600 level courses.

Areas Courses Requirements Credit hours
CECS 504 Automata Theory

CECS 619 Algorithms 
1 course required 3

CECS 516 Computer Networks

CECS 535 Introduction to Databases

CECS 545 Artificial Intelligence

CECS 550 Software Engineering

CECS 629 Distributed Systems

CECS 630 Advanced Databases and Warehousing

CECS 640 Internet Applications 
2 courses required 6

CECS 506 Modeling and Analysis

CECS 522 Evaluation of Computer Systems

CECS 563 Experimental Design

CECS 620 - Combinatorial Optimization & Modern Heuristics

CECS 622 - Simulation and Modeling Discrete Systems

CECS 627 Digital Image Processing

CECS 632 Data Mining 

2 courses required 6
Electives 3 CECS Electives 3 required courses 9
Select Thesis Option Or Project Option
Thesis Option CECS 690 MS Thesis 2 required courses 6
Project Option CECS 696 and CECS 5/6XX Elective 2 required courses

Total Credit Hours


Students have the option of completing the thesis or project. Electives must be chosen so that at least one-half of the credits counted toward the degree, exclusive of thesis, are 600-level; at least 15 hours of coursework must be in CECS.


University of Louisville’s Master of Science in Computer Science online program is designed for students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science/computer engineering (CECS) but it is also available to applicants who have earned other degrees. More than ever before, professionals with non-computer science educational background are seeking to earn computer science credentials at the graduate level for career change or advancement opportunities.

To be admitted, students must have a technical degree or relevant experience. Non-computer science candidates often need to complete undergraduate prerequisites before applying to the master’s program.

Important Note: The actual number and type of prerequisites is determined on a case-by-case basis, based on candidate’s official transcripts and evaluation of transferable credit. Also, the length of the program will depend on the number of prerequisites needed for the completion of graduate coursework.

Pre-Requisite Courses
CECS 130: Introduction to Programming Languages (3 credits)
CECS 310: Discrete Structures (3 credits)
CECS 503: Survey of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (3 credits)

If you are unsure of your qualifications, please contact Online Learning for assistance.

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