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Master of Science in Biostatistics

The Master of Science in Biostatistics program comprises 30 credit hours across 12 courses including electives in various areas of interest.

Courses Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHST 661 Probability 3
PHST 680 Biostatistical Methods I 3
PHST 624 Clinical Trials I 2
PHPH 523 Public Health in the U.S.1 (2)
PHST 662 Mathematical Statistics 3
PHST 681 Biostatistical Methods II 3
PHST 684 Categorical Data Analysis 3
PHST 625 Clinical Trials II 2
PHST 683 Survival Analysis 3
Electives Various 2 8
Degree Total 30 (32)

  1. PHPH 523 fulfills the accreditation requirement that all graduates from the School of Public Health and Information Science receive foundational instruction in public health. The two credit hours for PHPH 523 do not accrue toward the 30 hours required for the MS degree completion. Students with a prior degree and/or coursework in a public health field or substantial experience in the public health workforce may be relieved of this requirement, per approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  2. Electives are chosen with the approval of a faculty advisor. Students are typically encouraged to select electives from among the following courses offered by the Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics:
    • PHST 603 Biostatistics Public Health Practicum I
    • PHST 620 Introduction to Statistical Computing
    • PHST 640 Statistical Methods for Research Design in Health Sciences
    • PHST 675 Independent Study in Biostatistics
    • PHST 682 Multivariate Statistics

    Students may also choose elective courses outside of the department in fields related to biostatistics, such as Mathematics, Epidemiology, and Computer Science (subject to approval from faculty advisor). Students are responsible for ensuring they have met the prerequisites for these courses.

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