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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning

Healthcare Leadership

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    Is UofL’s Heathcare Leadership program accredited?

    Yes, the BSOLL (Healthcare Leadership) program at UofL has the same accreditation as the university. The University of Louisville is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC).

    How do I get credit for work/life knowledge?

    One of the first courses that online students will take in this program is the Prior Learning Assessment (ELFH 307). This course counts as three-credit hours toward degree completion, and the activities within the course provides the basis for faculty members to assess the level of competency development gained through past knowledge, skills and experiences that you have accumulated throughout your career

    How many college credits can I earn for my work/life knowledge?

    You may earn up to 48 credits hours (of the 120 credit hours necessary for graduation) based on your past work/life development and knowledge, through the Prior Learning Assessment, at no cost to you. This can result in savings up to $23,856 in tuition.

    When can I start in this program?

    • Set Pace students can start in Fall (term 1 or term 2); Spring (term 1 or term 2) or Summer (one term).
    • Flex Pace students can start on the first Tuesday of any month, except December (a total of 11 starts per year are available).

    What happens if I need to stop taking courses for a while?

    For exceptional circumstances, your dedicated Success Coach will outline options for you to follow in order to maintain progress toward degree completion.

    How long will it take to complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree?

    • For Set Pace students – students can complete the program within 3-4 intensive semesters, taking two 8-week sessions per semester.
    • For Flex Pace students – the length of the program will vary based on your existing competencies, the amount of college credit you obtain for previously-acquired knowledge, your learning pace, and even your professional schedule.

    What requirements do I have to meet to graduate?

    Graduation is determined based on the following criteria:

    • Successful completion of your General Education courses
    • Successful completion of your Core Content courses
    • You must earn at least 120 credit hours total (this can include: the PLA, articulated transfer credit, institutional credit, CLEP, etc.)
      • At least 50 credit hours must be completed at the 300+ level
    • You must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 3.3 GPA in the program (B+ or better is 3.3 for the Program)

    Will I earn my degree from UofL?

    Yes. The “Bachelor of Science” will be granted by the University of Louisville and represented as such on the diploma. The transcripts will reflect the completion of curriculum requirements in Organizational Leadership and Learning, Healthcare Leadership Track.

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    What is CBE (Competency-Based Education)?

    Competencies are typically defined as abilities, knowledge and skills that enable a person to do something successfully or efficiently and to act effectively in a job or situation within an organization.

    “Competency-based education” is an innovative learning model that helps working professionals obtain a bachelor’s degree at their own pace and on their own time. CBE students at the University of Louisville may earn up to 48 college credits for their work experience and other types of learning completed previously (training, college coursework, professional development, military service, etc.) through Prior Learning Assessment during the initial phase of the program. The program’s curriculum is based on the National Center for Healthcare Leadership competency model, one of the industry leading standards for the development of competent healthcare executives. Additional information about the basis for our competency model can be found at www.nchl.org.

    How does CBE work?

    According with the U.S. Department of Education, the Competency-Based Education model is a way of transforming learning from seat time to “a structure that creates flexibility and allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning. Competency-based strategies provide flexibility in the way that credit can be earned or awarded, and provide students with personalized learning opportunities.”

    How is CBE course different than a campus or online course?

    The main difference is that a competency-based course allows students to demonstrate proficiencies and competencies in a specific discipline and topic, earn credit for the knowledge they already have, and move ahead through the required curriculum, learning new knowledge at their own pace. Students may choose between two enrollment paths:

    • Flex Pace
      Students have 1 to 32 weeks to move through the course material at their own pace, providing more schedule flexibility and individual determination of pace
    • Set Pace
      Students enroll in 8-week courses and complete each course within a pre-determined time frame, offering the benefits of accelerated courses within a more traditional university structure

    How are the CBE courses delivered?

    CBE courses are delivered 100% online, using Sagence as a learning platform. Sagence will release the courses once the student has passed the knowledge check. Students can access their course materials, assignments, discussion boards, and group work anytime and from anywhere.

    Will my diploma identify the CBE or online delivery method?

    Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning, Healthcare Leadership track will receive the traditional University of Louisville Bachelor of Science diploma with no mention of delivery mode or CBE.

    Will the credits earned in the bachelor’s degree at UofL through the CBE program be transferable to another institution or degree?

    Yes. All credits earned in this program are transferable.

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    What are the Work Experience requirements for this program?

    Candidates must have a minimum of 2,000 hours (one year) of supervised work experience in a healthcare or healthcare-related organization within the past 5 years. Healthcare experience can be drawn from a very wide range of health services organizations including hospitals, medical clinics, pharmaceutical sales, medical logistics, military healthcare, health insurance, long term care, allied health services, etc. Prospective students can count service that includes administrative, clinical, and/or educational.

    Do I need to procure and send in my official transcripts?

    Yes. Acceptance into the CBE program will require submission of official transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended. Please have your official transcripts sent directly to UofL. Send all admission materials to the Undergraduate Admissions office at the following address:

    • University of Louisville
      Office of Admissions, Dept AO
      Louisville, Kentucky 40292
      United States of America
      Or email to: adetran@louisville.edu

    How long will it take for my transcripts to be evaluated?

    Typically, our admissions team will evaluate transcripts in the order they are received, within one week from receipt.

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    Is financial aid available? How do I apply?

    Yes. Financial aid is available to students who qualify. Some restrictions may apply for Flex Pace students. Please contact our enrollment counselor who will connect you with the financial aid representative for more details regarding your financial aid application.

    Can I get a refund if I start the program and do not want to finish my course(s)?

    • Set Pace students are eligible for a refund according with standard undergraduate policies.
    • Flex Pace students are eligible for a refund only up until they begin a course. Once a student starts in a course, they are no longer eligible for a refund.

    Is Tuition Assistance available for active duty military?

    Yes, Tuition Assistance (TA) is currently available for active duty military at the rate of $250 per credit hour (subject to change without prior notice).

    Are other forms of financial aid or scholarships available?

    Some employers may provide tuition support through employer reimbursement programs. You must check with your employer to identify availability of this type of support. There are no scholarships available for the Flex Pace program.

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