Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration

  1. Can the entire degree be completed online?
    Yes. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sport Administration offers all of the required courses online.
  2. Are there specific classes that must be completed first?
    Yes. The Sport Administration (SPAD) online program requires completion of SPAD 281 and SPAD 284 with a C or better for you to be admitted into the program.
  3. Are there specific course prerequisites? Is there a specific course sequence?
    Yes. It is recommended that you meet with an advisor to determine the best course sequencing for online learning. Many of the BS classes are only offered online in the fall or spring, so it is crucial for online learners to follow the recommended course sequence.
  4. Do I need a minor? Which minor should I choose? How will it benefit me?
    While a minor is not required for the bachelor’s in SPAD, it can be a great way to add an additional skillset or gain knowledge to advance the opportunities in a sport career.
  5. How do I declare a minor? How and when does it show up on my transcript?
    You can declare a minor online through Education Advising/Student Services Office (EASS). http://louisville.edu/education/advising
  6. What are general college requirements? How many credits do I need to graduate?
    The general college requirements can be found in the course catalog. The online BS in SPAD requires that you complete at least 123 credits to graduate (41 classes).
  7. What are upper division credits/courses? Do I have to complete a certain number of upper division hours? What classes do these need to be?
    Yes. An upper division (UD) course is a junior level or senior level course. These courses are the 300, 400 or 500 level courses. The University of Louisville requires that you complete 50 credit hours of upper division credit. There are 42 upper division credits in the SPAD core. The additional upper division classes may be taken in SPAD, in a minor or in another discipline at the University. Transfer credits can also count toward to total required UD credits when applicable.
  8. What courses make up the Sport Administration core?
    The SPAD core are the courses that are required by all SPAD majors. These classes are listed in the Course List page or in the UofL course catalog.
  9. Do I have to have a "C" or better in all SPAD courses?
    Yes. A “C” or better is required for you to officially declare a SPAD major (passing SPAD 281 and SPAD 284). All other SPAD courses require a “C-” or better. A “D” is not accepted as passing in the SPAD program.
  10. What is the minimum GPA needed to enter the program? What is the GPA required to graduate?
    The minimum GPA required to declare as a SPAD major is 2.5. The requirement to graduate with a BS in Sport Administration is a 2.25 GPA.
  11. Can I have a double major?
    Yes. A double major is possible. It is recommended that you speak with an advisor early in your academic career if you’re considering obtaining a double major.
  12. How many electives do I need to complete? Which classes should I choose as these electives?
    You are required to complete a total of 47 elective credits. You can work with your advisor to find the best combination of electives. Our advisors are experienced at assisting students with the course selection of both the general electives and the specific program electives.
  13. Are there any courses that I cannot take?
    No. There are no specific restrictions on taking classes, however there is no guarantee the classes taken will meet the degree requirements for the online BS in Sport Administration. It is always recommended that you follow the course recommendations or speak with an advisor about satisfaction of degree requirements.
  14. What is the cultural diversity requirement and how does it relate to my degree?
    The cultural diversity requirement is part of UofL’s General Education (Cardinal Core) requirements. All students seeking an undergraduate degree at UofL are required to complete this course.
  15. How do I get my transferable credit evaluated? How will transfer courses show on my records? How can I see the classes that transferred and what requirements they meet?
    The Office of Transfer & Adult Services is available to assist with evaluating your transfer credits. Visit http://louisville.edu/admissions/apply/transfer/copy_of_front-page/ to learn more about the transfer process.
  16. How will I know I am taking the correct courses?
    Your academic advisor will help you navigate the curriculum and schedule. You will have an assigned advisor in the College of Education or in the Health & Sport Sciences Department to assist with courses and resources.
  17. How do I ensure that I get into the class I need before it fills up?
    There is a limit on the number of seats available in online classes. Students enrolled in the online BS program are encouraged to register on their assigned registration date.
  18. What is the expertise of the faculty who teach online classes?
    The SPAD faculty who teach online all have experience in the sport industry, have completed online teacher training and have expertise in the subject areas they teach.
  19. What will I do if I need help with my coursework?
    You may contact your academic advisor for any coursework needs. Additionally, UofL offers a variety of resources for online learners, and support for a productive online learning experience. Visit http://louisville.edu/online/Student-Resources for more information.
  20. How will I complete the required internship online?
    The internship requirement for SPAD students can be completed in any location at an approved sport organization internship site. You will work with the Internship Coordinator to find an appropriate internship location that meets your interest and career goals.

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