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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The foundation and pillars of our online degree program are the quality of our curriculum and the committed and active faculty. Our expert faculty have contributed to the development of a number of partnerships between the Department of Justice Administration at UofL and national, state, and local criminal justice agencies. 

Through these partnerships, faculty provide timely and essential research, service and advisement on current issues within criminal justice. This active practical involvement serves to enhance the relevance of classroom instruction and the currency of educational material offered by the program. 

Faculty are currently actively involved with the U.S. Department of Justice in the development of an F.B.I. Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory in addition to ongoing research with local, state and federal law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies. 

Here are our faculty members:

  • Viviana Andreescu,
    Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Louisville. (Criminal Behavior and Research Design.)
  • Cherie Dawson-Edwards,
    Associate Professor: Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University (Public Policy & Administration)
  • Terry Edwards,
    Associate Professor; J.D., University of Louisville. (Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice Management.)
  • J. Price Foster,
    Professor; Ph.D., Florida State University. (Criminology, Juvenile Justice, Ethics, Cross Cultural Perspectives in Criminal Justice.)
  • J. Sterling Grant,
    Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Louisville. (Organizational Justice, Policing, Career Development, Diversity, Ethics, and Interpersonal Communication.)
  • Elizabeth Grossi,
    Associate Professor; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Corrections and Criminology.)
  • Theresa Hayden,
    Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Louisville. (Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology, Crimes Against the Elderly.)
  • George E. Higgins,
    Associate Professor; Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (Criminological Theory Testing, Advanced Quantitative Analysis, and Cybercrime.)
  • Thomas Hughes,
    Associate Professor; J.D., University of Dayton, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. (Policing, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law.)
  • Deborah Keeling,
    Professor & Department Chair; Ph.D., Purdue University. (Corrections, Program Evaluation, International Policing.)
  • Mike Losavio,
    Assistant Professor; J.D., Louisiana State University. (Criminal Procedure and Law, Computer Forensics.)
  • Eric S. McCord,
    Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Temple University. (Law Enforcement, Crime Pattern Analysis, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)
  • Kristin Swartz,
    Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati (Criminal Justice)
  • Richard Tewksbury,
    Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State University. (Deviant Behavior, Qualitative Methods.)
  • Gennaro Vito,
    Professor, Vice Chair; Ph.D., Ohio State University. (Research Methods, Statistics, Capital Punishment.)
  • William F. Walsh,
    Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Fordham University. (Police Leadership & Administration, Criminal Justice Issues, & Law Enforcement Personnel)

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