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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Communication online degree at the University of Louisville Online

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General Education Minimum Requirements: 34 hours

Arts & Sciences Programmatic Requirements

Class Hours
General 101: A&S Orientation 1
Foreign Language 12
Electives in Humanities or Natural Sciences at the 300-level or above 6
Total 19

Department of Communication

Class Hours
COMM 201, 303, 304, 305, 315, 316 18
COMM electives at 200 level or above 12
COMM electives at 400 level or above 6
Total 36

Supporting Courses

Class Hours
Mathematics 109, Justice Administration 326, Management 201, Pan African Studies 408, Political Science 390, Psychology 301, Sociology 301 (select one) 3
Social Science electives (other than Communication) with 12 hours at the 300 level or above (in addition to courses counted toward General Education) 18
Natural Sciences elective (excluding Mathematics) (in addition to courses counted toward General Education) 3
Minimum Electives 8
Total 32
Minimum Total 121

Course Descriptions

COMM 201 Introduction to Communication – SB

Introduction to basic concepts of communication discipline. Focuses on communication processes in interpersonal, small groups, organizations, and mass media.

COMM 303 Introduction to Communication Technologies

Prerequisite: COMM 201 or permission of instructor. Students learn about communication technologies in contemporary society, explore the various contexts in which these technologies are used, and apply theoretical perspectives to the use of these technologies.

COMM 304 Argument in Everyday Life

Surveys theory and practice related to the creation and analysis of arguments in public communication. Topics include argument structure, evidence, types and limitations of inferences, and the adaptation of messages to particular contexts.

COMM 305 Introduction to Mass Communication

Prerequisite: COMM 201. Survey of media institutions and effects.

COMM 315 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Study of communication principles as they apply in everyday life. Applying social conventions as guides for effective communication.

COMM 316 Research Methods

Prerequisite: COMM 201. Introduction to basic research methods of communication discipline. Examines relationship of theory and methods, research design, and measurement in communication contexts.

COMM 417 Senior Communication Internship – CUE

Prerequisite: Senior standing, 2.5 GPA overall, and faculty consent. Practical experience in communication related employment and critical reflection on how communication concepts and knowledge are applied in the field. Note: Contact department for application procedures and guidelines.

COMM 302 Advanced Speech Communication

Prerequisite: COMM 111 or COMM 112 or COMM 115 or HON 214. Advanced principles and techniques of effective public speaking.

COMM 319 Debate

Prerequisite: COMM 111 or COMM 112 or COMM 115 or faculty consent. Principles and techniques of preparing evidence and of persuasive speaking before critical listeners.

COMM 320 Newswriting – WR

Prerequisite: COMM 201. Study and practice of news-writing and reporting techniques for routine news stories, including story organization, writing story leads, and the elements of hard news and feature journalism. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR).

COMM 323 Magazine and Feature Writing – WR

Prerequisite: COMM 201 and faculty consent. Introduction to practice and techniques of preparing articles for popular, specialized, and trade publication; attention to marketing and magazine makeup. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR).

COMM 345 Advertising Copywriting – WR

Prerequisite: COMM 318. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR) Preparation of ad copy. Emphasis on assumptions underlying approaches to copywriting.

COMM 348 Advertising Creativity

Prerequisite: COMM 342. Study and practice of the creative process and the team dynamic in the development of advertising campaigns. Note: Cross-listed with ART 372.

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