Cardinal Card

What is a University of Louisville Cardinal Card?

As an online student at the University of Louisville, you are entitled and encouraged to possess a Louisville Cardinal Card. Students must be registered in the current semester at least one day prior to getting a Cardinal Card.

How do I obtain a Cardinal Card as an online student?

Just contact the Cardinal Card Office at They will send you the appropriate documentation to complete and check your eligibility.

What are the benefits of having a Cardinal Card?

Beyond its identification purpose, you can also use your Cardinal Card to obtain various goods and service discounts available to students on things like airline flights, books, and laptops. For those who live locally, you can use your card as a library card or take advantage of free TARC (public transportation) service.

Louisville Cardinal Card

Will my Cardinal Card have a photo?

Yes, your Cardinal Card will have a photo. Do not submit your photo online through the online photo submission website. That option is only available to students physically picking up their Cardinal Card after attending online orientation.

Please send an email requesting your Cardinal Card to They will send you the appropriate documentation to complete and check your eligibility.

Anything else I need to know?

  • You can receive only one free Cardinal Card throughout your time here at UofL. There is a $15 fee for a replacement card.
  • If you already have a Cardinal Card from an undergraduate program here at UofL, you do not need another one.
  • You will not receive a library number without a Cardinal Card. A student is assigned a library number after applying for a Cardinal Card. However, if you do not plan on coming to campus to check out any books, you do not need a library number in order to utilize the online library services.
  • If you are an employee here at the university, you are not eligible for a student ID. The ID card verification system will allow only one classification at a time – either faculty/staff or student – and your employee status will override your student status.
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