Online Learning Advantages

Stand Out. Achieve. Inspire.

Earn an online degree or certificate at University of Louisville and prepare to stand out, achieve your goals and inspire others

The University of Louisville understands the challenges of adult professionals who want to earn a college degree while maintaining full employment status, taking care of a family, traveling or serving our country abroad.

UofL Online Learning delivers a wide variety of online courses, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and graduate certificate programs completely online, to students in the U.S. and around the world.

Online learning can help you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in a convenient and affordable manner. The university extends its education offerings through UofL Online Learning to connect you with flexible online education options that prepare you to stand out in your organization, achieve your goals and inspire others around you to succeed.

Whether you are a nurse, law enforcement officer, engineer, computer scientist, educator, social worker, HR leader or workforce developer, We are here to help you create your own path to success, on your own terms. Here are a few of the most important benefits and advantages of learning online and earning your degree online from the University of Louisville.

Online Learning Advantages:

  1. Earning a degree online can help you fit education in your busy daily schedule and secure or advance in your current job, or even enter a new field or occupation.
  2. While learning online, you can develop transferable skills in time management, information organization, written communication or project management.
  3. Many online programs can be accessed from any location, so there is no need to interrupt your professional and social routine to go to class.
  4. Many classes are designed so you may attend any time that is convenient for you, there is no need to change your work schedule or put your career on hold.
  5. In an online class, you can get the one-on-one attention from your professors through user-friendly course platforms and direct communication (phone/email).
  6. Online courses allow you to collaborate with colleagues on projects and assignments in real-time by using forums, discussion boards and other virtual tools.
  7. Online students come from various backgrounds and locations. You can network and build professional relationship with classmates, regardless of your/their location (in the US or abroad).

UofL Online Degree Advantages:

  1. Earn your degree from a top research university
  2. Learn from award-winning expert faculty
  3. Take online courses in accelerated format
  4. Gain applied knowledge sought-after by employers
  5. Acquire leadership skills and prepare for success
  6. Apply your transferable skills anywhere in the world
  7. Build a better life for yourself and your family
  8. Reach your personal and professional goals
  9. Be a champion and drive your organization’s growth

Join our extensive learning community and become the champion, leader and role model you always dreamed to be!

We are proud to be part of your journey to success and we look forward to welcoming you as an online student at UofL.

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