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Raising a family? Working full time? Looking to return to school after a long absence?  Online degree programs at the University of Louisville can help you get on track to reach your educational and professional goals. Our online degree programs offer students the opportunity to take degree courses at times and places that fit their busy lifestyles, without having to travel to class on a regular basis.

UofL offers 100% online degree programs so that students around the world can complete their bachelor's or master's degree without ever entering a traditional classroom. Online programs at the University of Louisville are user friendly, allowing the student to interact directly with instructors and classmates through Blackboard, the university’s online delivery software.

Stand Out. Achieve. Inspire

If your goal is to obtain an education that empowers you to stand out in your company, achieve your professional and personal goals, and be a role model for your family, friends and community members, then UofL Online Learning is the right launch platform for you.

Below is a list of quick reference links to help you get started:

We look forward to welcoming you as an online student at UofL and to helping you start your academic career.

The UofL Online Learning team strives to connect adult learners like yourself with all necessary resources to help them learn more about our online degree programs, navigate through the admission process, enroll in online courses and become a successful online student at UofL.

To get more answers to your questions, connect with our Online Learning enrollment counselor.

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