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About the Matoba Lab at Owensboro Cancer Research Program


benthamianaOur research is focused on plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs).

To promote global public health, our goal is to develop affordable vaccines, immunotherapeutics, and antivirals based on protein engineering and plant biotechnology.  Unlike conventional cell culture systems, plant-based protein production can be highly economical and scalable by exploiting simple natural resources, thereby facilitating the distribution of protein pharmaceuticals that are otherwise prohibitively expensive and limitedly available.  As a member of Owensboro Cancer Research Program, we have access to various resources available within UofL Medical School and close collaboration with Kentucky BioProcessing, LLC.  Given these resources, we have the capacity to perform translational research to bring PMPs from bench to bedside.


Research Interests:

  • Subunit vaccine and biopharmaceutical protein engineering

  • Pharmaceutical science

  • Mucosal immunology and immunotoxicology

  • Recombinant protein expression in plants

For more details, see Research Projects


The lab has two locations:

Lab 2 at Mitchel Memorial Cancer Center Suite 201 in Owensboro, KY. Main activities here include protein engineering, protein expression/purification, biochemical and biophysical analyses of recombinant proteins, and cell culture-based bioassays.

ocrp building


442F at Clinical and Translational Research Building 4th floor in Louisville, KY. In vivo testing and immunological assays of plant-made proteins are primarily performed here.

CTRB building

For more details, see Contact information.

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