Office of Communications & Marketing

Campus & external communication, media relations and brand marketing

Guide for working with partner agencies

  1. Contact OCM to discuss your project needs. OCM will work with each department/client to determine first if any work can be completed with in-house services. OCM will suggest partner agencies that may provide the best fit for individual projects.
  2. Once OCM has been consulted about the project, clients may contact agencies to determine pricing and select an agency partner.
  3. The selected agency will send the client a project authorization (PA) that outlines the scope and cost of the creative work to be performed. The client will evaluate the PA and forward to OCM for approval. OCM will be the signatory authority on all PAs.
  4. If at any time during the scope of work the agency determines the actual cost may exceed the project authorization, OCM must be notified in writing of the revised project cost.
  5. Agencies will invoice individual units or departments directly. OCM must be copied on all invoices in order to maintain the spending cap on the university contract. Additionally, all agencies are required by state law to fill out a PSC invoice form prior to payment. Contact OCM for help/questions during the invoicing process.