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Logo Overview

by Faust,Brian last modified May 07, 2013 12:57 PM

Overview of the different configurations of approved UL logos and marks, appropriate uses, etc.

The university’s official logo is the University of Louisville graphic signature with or without the “It’s Happening Here” theme and Cardinal head attached.

An official logo should be used on all university marketing communications, including printed pieces, visual presentations, advertising and any other materials that represent the university with external audiences. It should appear on the front or back cover of all printed communications unless an exception has been granted by OCM.

Note: No official university mark may be modified in any way without the consent of OCM.

To obtain high-resolution vector artwork for any of the marks listed, contact

Logo Family

Each type of mark is linked to read about usage rules.

  1. Primary Signature
  2. Primary Signature with Tagline
  3. Primary Logo
  4. Primary One Line Logo
  5. Monogram
  6. Secondary Logo
  7. Secondary Alternate Logo
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A graphic mark used without words to identify a company (e.g. Cardinal bird head)
Word(s) in type used to identify a company (e.g. University of Louisville)
A combination of a symbol and a logo (also known as a combination mark)
A graphic representation using letters to form (an often shortened version of) a company's name (e.g. UofL)
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