Academic Program Review


The University of Louisville (UofL) academic program review process examines the goals, structure, performance, and needs of the academic programs offered by the university.  Academic Program Review is an opportunity for programs to examine program efforts from the past five years, to show alignment with Commonwealth of Kentucky goals and the UofL mission, and to plan for continuing improvement in the coming years.

The Provost-appointed Academic Program Committee oversees program review and provides feedback to programs in developing their reviews before submission to CPE.  Committee membership consists of representatives from academic unit faculty, Staff and Faculty Senates, Undergraduate Affairs, Graduate Council, and Faculty Affairs, as well as other university organizations.

Every UofL academic program undergoes regular program review every seven years.  As well, newly approved academic programs are initially reviewed by CPE on the following schedule: new PhD programs 3 years after implementation, new master’s programs 4 years after implementation, and new undergraduate programs 5 years after implementation.

The program review process uses a reporting template developed by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE).  The final program review report is submitted by CPE on a set schedule, and CPE provides feedback on the program and the report.  When necessary CPE asks for additional follow-up before making one of the following decisions related to the program: continue without modification, continue with modification, or close within three years.

The review examines the program’s alignment to Kentucky state goals and the university’s mission; program quality and student success; job placement of program graduates; employer, student, and alumni satisfaction with the program; program demand; and other academic quality issues. The program is also asked to develop a Plan for Improvement that will guide the program’s efforts over the next seven years. 

The unit dean reviews the program’s report and provides input into the program’s plan for improvement and alignment with unit goals before it is reviewed by the university’s Academic Program Committee.

The Office of Academic Planning and Accountability’s Accreditation and Academic Planning team coordinates the university’s internal program review process and submission or reports to CPE. Every effort is made to ensure that the program’s report is accurate and complete and that it demonstrates the quality of the program before submission. 


Program Review Documents

 CPE Seven-Year Review

CPE Interim Review for New Doctorate Programs (all other programs undergoing Interim review use the CPE Seven-Year Template linked above)

Program Review Resources

Program Review Contacts

For questions about the program review process, contact:

Connie Shumake, Associate University Provost for Accreditation and Academic Planning                                                                       


Joanne Webb, Assistant Director for Accreditation and Academic Planning