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Nursing Student Council Board

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Nursing Student Council Board

Nursing Student Council Cabinet - May 1, 2009 through May 1, 2010

Executive Board

President: Whitney Barter
Vice-President: Cody Burgess
Senator: Robert Dobson
Academic Affairs Liaison: Angela Hale
Treasurer: MacKenzie Tilley
Secretary: Samantha Winters
Technology Officer: Holly Hill
Publications Officer: Sebastian Lancaster
Executive Board Liaison: Ryan Kuyers

N450 Class Officers

President: Debra Weis-Schmid
Vice-President: Erin Howell
Representative: Brittany Yadon
Representative: Kelly Dues

N440 Class Officers

President: Tonya Kloek
Vice-President: Kristin Garvey
Representative: Kristen Brown
Representative: Sara Johnson

N370 Class Officers 

President: Mandy Mattingly
Vice-President: Alison Meredith
Representative: Emily Bechman
Representative: Amanda Schuler


N360 Class Officers

President: Emily Wright
Vice-President: Greta Landenwich
Representative: Jessica Mamula
Representative: Tia Thistlewood

Accelerated Class Officers

Representative: Angela Soltero
Representative: Alison Solan

Faculty Advisor

Heather Mitchell, MSN, RN


Student Representatives may be emailed directly by clicking on their name. This will redirect you to the University of Louisville Webmail site, where you may compose and send an email to your representative.

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